Frequently Asked Questions


Fantastic! Sign up for free if you haven’t created an account yet, and then click “contact” on the listing that you like. Here you'll be able to message the landlord directly on our internal messaging system. When they reply you’ll get an email notifying you.
You are able to search through hundreds of digsmate profiles before you’ve signed up, but you’ll need to sign up to message anyone. We need you to sign up because we're serious about security and saftey for all our users at DigsConnect. If you find someone that you think would be a good roommate, send them a message and chat on our DigsConnect chat feature. When they reply you’ll get an email notifying you. Living together is more fun!
Not yet, but soon! We’re working with a trusted payment partner that will make it as easy as pie to make rental payments using DigsConnect, and you’ll be able to track it all at the click of a button.
We recommend that users stay on the chat feature and don't give out their personal details, for security measures. There is nothing that we can do to monitor messages that aren’t through the site. Practice the same amont of caution that you would elsewhere on the internet.
No, they aren’t. Verified properties have a little verified tick on the Find a Digs page, which means that we have personally visited the property. While we do our best to ensure that all listings on DigsConnect are of a decent quality, anyone can create a property listing.
We get asked this a lot. No, we aren’t. We have created a platform that links landlords with tenants, but we are not involved in the process outside of providing the platform for you to connect.
Nope, it’s totally free for students.
While we do not prevent anyone from using the service, we are aimed at registered students and will be building in checks in the future.
It’s up to you to chat to the landlord through the DigsConnect chat, we don't get involved in the process.
Sign up for email updates, and every time a new property is listed that fits into your search criteria you’ll get an email. You’ll be the first to know when a property in your search criteria is listed!


It takes two minutes to create a free DigsConnect account by clicking on “Sign in/up”. Once you have created an account, click on the “add a digs” button at the top right of any page on DigsConnect. Follow the steps required, adding pictures and details of your property. If you would like to improve your listing you can opt to do a paid top advert or select the photographer option to ensure that your property is presented in the best possible way. Once you have posted your listing students will message you directly through DigsConnect, and you’ll receive an email every time you receive a message.
It is completely free to create a listing on DigsConnect. The only time you will pay is if you have chosen to request a photographer or any of the other ‘booster’ options such as a paid top advert.
As recent graduates, we know the student market better than any of our competition. We market directly to students in innovative ways. Landlords are often surprised at how quickly they receive requests through DigsConnect. We also offer ‘booster’ options that allow you to further promote your listings.
If you are in South Africa, we are in your area! The beauty of technology is that even though we may not have a physical presence in your city or town, students in your area will have access to DigsConnect. Anyone in South Africa is able to post a listing.
We get asked this a lot. No, we aren’t. We have created a platform that links landlords with tenants, but we are not involved in the process outside of providing the platform for you to connect. While we provide services such a credit and criminal checks for landlords through the website, it is the landlords perogative to do any additional checks on the students and to sign the lease with them. We are not involved in the lease.
Yes, we love working with agents. It’s completely free to create a listing, so we encourage agencies to create as many listings on their account as they wish.
Yes, there is a facility to create multiple listings and to manage them all on one user account.
It’s totally up to you. While some landlords prefer to create one listings and describe the set-up under ‘description’, other opt to create multiple listings.
We encourage landlords to simply ‘deactivate’ their listing on their ‘my properties’ tab on their dashboard. This means that it will no longer be seen by students, but it is easy to reactivate again where necessary.
Yes, we’re humans. Send a mail to with your request and we’ll set up a meeting. We love to meet our users!
We’re busy working on some exciting things! One of them is the facility for students to pay their rent through DigsConnect and for landlords to manage their rental payments through the site, and pay their property expenses through the website. We’ll let you know as soon as this is live!
DigsConnect is free to list and free to search, and always will be however we've introduced an optional finder's fee of R350 to help us grow the platform and improve your experience! We hope you've loved every moment on DigsConnect, and if you have any feedback we're always happy to hear it.