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About Us

We'd love to share our vision with you

In 2018 the student accommodation crisis was in full effect.

In response to the outcry by thousands of students at the alarming lack of available housing; we decided to tackle the problem head-on.

Add to the equation an obscene amount of caffeine, fast food, an abused swear jar, reams of code, rants, hustle, no shortage of blood-sweat-and-tears, and just like that DigsConnect was born.

To say it’s been a crazy journey so far is a complete understatement.

We’re now the largest student accommodation marketplace in South Africa, and we’re just getting started.

We’ve connected thousands of student tenants with landlords from across the country, as well as connected tons of Digs mates with one another.

Our goal is to build a self-sustaining community that shares our vision of creating a constantly-evolving platform where people can connect with like-minded individuals in a safe and secure environment.

How does it work?

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